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SERVICED office – is it worth the extra cost?

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What is a serviced office and how is it different from any other office? And why is it more expensive? (is it really?)

Serviced offices, also known as business centres or managed offices, are usually based on ‘plug in and work’ principle. Fully furnished spaces with internet connections are ready for any business to bring a computer, plug it in and start working immediately. It really is that simple. You might ask yourself why not rent an empty space, buy a cheap desk and chair (after all it doesn’t take that much effort) and save some money. Well, there are other benefits.

Having fully managed office facilities means that not only the desk and chair is ready in the room, but you don’t have to think about any other… “stuff”: Health and safety checks? -done. Electricity and gas bills? -paid. Fire alarm test? -done. So it isn’t just the convenience of a fast moving in process. It means that you can focus on work and never worry about arranging a window cleaner or waste collection service. Unfortunately, this is also exactly why the price of a serviced office is higher compared to just any office space. But, as a business, you gain more of a stability. The bill for your office will be exactly the same every month. Particularly important for new businesses, where financial planning is crucial.

Here’s the full list of benefits:

  • Business rates and utilities included in the rent- with raising prices of electricity and gas, it is particularly important now.
  • Building maintenance taken care of- this includes anything from the little things (like changing a lightbulb) all the way to the more important health and safety checks, risk assessments, arranging emergency fixes etc.
  • Let’s not forget the pleasant social environment for the team- serviced offices tend to pride themselves on great interiors, modern furniture, natural light, plants. Who wouldn’t want to work in such conditions? Usually there is also a communal area for employees to take a break, relax, socialise (maybe even play a game of ping-pong). And this may seem trivial, but we all understand how important tea and coffee are when trying to have a productive day at work. In a serviced office you will find complimentary teas and coffees- and the best place to chat to colleagues (or maybe even make some new connections with employees of other companies) is in the communal kitchen waiting for the kettle to boil.
  • Cleanliness is definitely important. In a serviced office you can expect the cleaning team to look after the place, cleaning it to the highest standard. And we don’t just mean the daily hoovering or bin emptying. This extends to regular window cleaning and other seasonal cleaning jobs in the building.
  • Flexibility and room for growth is said to be the main reason for companies to choose a serviced office over a long term (usually 5 years) commitment. Depending on the vendor, the contract agreement for a serviced office can be as little as 2-3 month, usually no longer than 36. Also, depending on availability, serviced office providers have different sizes in their buildings and it’s quite common for companies to move to a different size office in response to their business needs.
  • Meeting rooms in a variety of sizes and private phone booths can come in handy. And knowing they’re right there is very comforting.
  • The image of your company is professional- anyone visiting your office will be impressed with the professional service and well-maintained modern facilities that are associated with serviced offices. What an easy way to wow potential clients, business partners or visitors.
  • Reception services to tailor your needs- you can even have a professional receptionist answer your calls using your company name before transferring the call or taking a message. Letters and parcels delivered to your desk. What more can you possibly ask for?

So when you hear the monthly rent price at first, it may seem like a lot. But think of all the money you’re saving and all the above benefits. One fixed price and no nasty surprises or unexpected bills.

As a serviced office provider, we might be little biased. But if this article got you thinking about renting a serviced office for your business, please do get in touch. We might just have what you’re looking for.