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New Year’s Resolution.

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How’s the New Year’s Resolution going?


Were you one of the millions that sat down on New Year’s Eve and wrote a list of the things you wanted to change in your life and made the promise to yourself that 2016 was going to be the year that you cracked each and every one of them?


According to recent research, the most common NY’s resolutions include Stop smoking, Cut down on alcohol, Manage money better, Achieve a better work/life balance, Spend less time on social media, Shed the pounds, Increase exercise, Be a nicer person, Do more for charity and change a relationship status.

As we now find ourselves at the beginning of February are those plans now just a memory, ready to set again next December, or have you really been sticking to it and are proud to say that for once you’ve mastered it and the benefits are starting to really pay off.

Whatever your story, it’s always great to have a plan, something to work towards but why make it for the 1st January, surely we should be focusing on goals and aims throughout the year. Why not determine what it is that would make you feel better, break down what it is you need to do in order to make you feel that way, write a list or action plan, try your very best to stick to it and then do something every day that brings you closer to your goal.

Good luck and let’s hope that by New Year 2016 there won’t be a need to write a long wish list as you’ll have everything under control from being so focused throughout the past 11 months.