Your meeting checklist from New World Business Centre

It’s no secret that preparation or lack thereof can make or break a business meeting. In order to ensure a productive and successful meeting there needs to be a certain amount of planning involved which can be time consuming. To help make your next team meeting more productive and to save you time and money, here is our 4-part checklist for an effective and successful meeting.


Choosing The Venue- Meeting Room Checklist

  • Decide where to hold the meeting. Where is convenient for everyone?
  • Is there parking/ how far is the nearest parking?
  • Check for disabled access if required.
  • Research a few facilities in the area and compare prices and amenities on offer.
  • Determine a budget for your meeting.
  • Confirm the availability of the chosen space.
  • Arrange for any required equipment and technology (high speed internet, conference phone, plug sockets, flip-charts etc.)
  • Establish the layout of the meeting room and seating arrangements.
  • Confirm catering services (tea and coffee, kitchen services, buffet lunch etc.)
  • Book your meeting room and inform all participants of its location.


Before The Meeting- Preparation

  • Define a clear goal for your meeting. What do you want to achieve?
  • Select the participants. Who needs to attend?
  • Does this meeting need to be in person? Is a virtual meeting enough?
  • Assign participant roles: facilitator, scribe, timekeeper, contributor, expert.
  • Set a convenient date date
  • Decide a start and end time. How long should the meeting last? How many breaks are necessary?
  • Distribute an agenda and any other materials to the participants and demand that they come prepared.
  • Choose a decision-making method: majority vote, group consensus, leader’s choice.
  • Make sure you are prepared: practice your presentation, print your handouts.


During The Meeting

  • Make sure the meeting room is prepared and ready.
  • Start the meeting on time.
  • Establish ground rules (turn off mobile phones, no talking over one another, respectful communication, proper participation etc.)
  • A little housekeeping: Will there be breaks? Where are the bathrooms? What happens in case of a fire alarm?
  • Confirm that all the participants received and understood the meeting agenda.
  • Repeat the goal of the meeting to the attendees.
  • Take notes
  • Make sure everyone has the chance to express their opinion.
  • Stay focused and follow your agenda to make sure you adhere to the agenda.
  • Assign clear tasks to your participants with due dates.
  • Summarise all decisions made and tasks required – nobody should leave feeling confused.
  • Schedule a follow-up meeting if needed.
  • Any unfinished business should be put on the next meeting agenda.
  • End your meeting on time.


Follow-Up After The Meeting

  • Type up your notes from the meeting
  • Distribute the minutes
  • Offer thanks via email
  • Communicate tasks
  • Communicate any major decisions to the rest of the company.
  • Gather feedback from your participants to help your future planning efforts.
  • File minutes
  • Confirm a date for a follow-up meeting

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