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Learn to Love your Words

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Thank you to Amy Morse ‘Learn to Love your Words’ authorpreneur for another interesting and thought inspiring blog.  

Here’s a snippet – for Amy’s full blog, please visit her website by clicking on the above link.

Choose to Change

We can decide to make a fresh start at any time we like.

We can wake up one day, any day, and choose to change, but there is something more poignant about that moment when the clock ticks over to the start of a new year, and especially a new decade.

At this time of year, we set about with good intentions, “I’ll do this, I’ll do that. And that, and I’ll do this” so many things you tell yourself you’ll do and be in a New Year.

Is it any wonder that most New Year’s Resolutions are forgotten by February?

Make One Change

My theme for January is #LetsDoThis

A simple thing to ask yourself this month:

  • What ONE thing will I do more of in 2020?
  • What ONE thing will I do less of in 2020?

When you say something out loud and tell another person, you start the cycle of accountability.

Once you tell someone your intentions, it’s harder not to follow through!

So, what one-thing will you choose? Please let us, and Amy, know what your choices mean to you!