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The DOs and DON’Ts of Bristol meeting room hire

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Your choice of Bristol meeting venue will have a big impact on the success of your meeting or conference.  Accessibility, comfort and a professional environment are some of the factors to look into for your event to be remembered – but not for the wrong reasons.  Be sure to check out some of the most business friendly meeting rooms Bristol has to offer when you’re done!

DO choose a meeting location which fits your needs

Get the right setting for your meeting!
Get the right setting for your meeting!

Finding a good location is a time consuming part of organising a business meeting or conference. It is important you do your research beforehand and make sure your chosen location is easily accessible for everybody.  Make a checklist of things that you and your participants require.  A few examples could be:

Parking facilities

Disruptions from late attendees will not get your meeting off to a good start. Finding a location with ample parking is ideal but if you cannot (and in Bristol it can be hard!), make sure you inform your delegates of any parking facilities nearby.

Technological support

It’s all very well if a venue offers fibre optic WIFI or an 80 inch touch screen – but what use will these things be if things go wrong and nobody is able to fix the problem?  Make sure to choose a location with a professional and well trained team who will be able to step in should you need their assistance.

Accessibility for the disabled

One thing you won’t want to do is isolate any of your participants.  Check in advance whether any of your attendees require a location that is wheelchair accessible for example.

Breaks and catering services

Planning a business meeting? - It's a piece of cake!
Planning a business meeting? – It’s a piece of cake!

Making sure your participants are comfortable, alert and engaged is crucial if you want to have an enjoyable and successful event.  People may have travelled far to come to your meeting so be sure there is access to tea, coffee and snacks as they will play a major part in keeping your attendees happy.


Studies show that the average person can concentrate for about 20 minutes before they start becoming fidgety and restless.  Regular scheduled breaks improve your attendee’s focus, participation and overall experience. You may therefore want to choose a location that offers a separate space attendees can use during their breaks. Catering services are also crucial if you want everybody at your meeting or conference to stay happy and alert.

DON’T refuse to look further than Bristol City Centre

Out of city centre, out of heavy traffic!
Out of city centre, out of heavy traffic!

There are many meeting rooms available in Bristol’s City Centre but that doesn’t mean your search has to start and end there.  If you choose a central meeting room your delegates may be faced with the task of hunting down one of the few public parking spaces.  Rush hour traffic can also pose a problem.

DO visit the meeting location in advance

There is only so much information you can gather from a website. Consider visiting your location beforehand so you can be sure your chosen venue offers everything it has promised. Make sure that the location reflects your company’s image and that the staff are skilled, professional and friendly.

DON’T leave booking your meeting room to the last minute

Don’t make the mistake of leaving things to the last minute when organising a meeting.  You will not want to be left with a sub-par location that doesn’t meet all of your needs because everywhere else is booked up! Give yourself enough time so that you can ensure all of your attendees will be happy and well taken care of.