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Coronavirus Crisis

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We find ourselves in unprecedented times with a global pandemic. It is a worrying time indeed for all. Business, trade and life in general has slowed down to a pace in stark contrast to our usual 24/7 existence.

The Coronavirus was declared a ‘pandemic’ on 11th March 2020, which means that the virus has spread worldwide. With a world population nearing 8 billion, the current amount of recorded cases is 801,117. To date, the UK’s recorded cases is 22,141. This puts us 8th in the world table of statistics; for once it feels good not to be first. 

Since the ‘lockdown’ was enforced by the government on 23rd March 2020, it is hoped that the virus will be ‘slowed’ down enough so that our wonderful NHS will be able to cope with the influx of critically ill patients. We now have temporary hospitals set up in readiness around the country, thank you NHS!

Being forced to stay within the confines of our homes brings challenges for mental health, physical space and our general wellbeing. Social media plays a huge part in bringing us together at a time when we are told to stay apart. Not everyone has access to the wealth of technology available today and it is at this time we can sit back and think about what really is important to us as human beings – family, friends, colleagues and especially the older generation who relish in a handwritten letter or to hear the voice of a loved one over the phone.

Here at New World Business Centre, we are ‘Keeping Calm & Carrying On’, adhering to strict working restrictions and are continuing to provide a professional service to our tenants and customers alike. 

We are determined to ‘get through this’ and come out the other side. Working with our local community together makes us stronger.

Stay safe everyone and stay at home.