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Choosing a serviced office

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Why it pays to be picky!

There is a new, and very welcome, trend in business:-  Serviced Offices.  Increasingly businesses – be they medium-sized companies or solo operators – are seeing the advantages of renting office space.

So let’s look at those advantages

Firstly, this is simply a case of supply being created to meet demand.  If consumers want something, and the current offering is overpriced or inconvenient, someone inevitably brings something new to the market.

When it comes to hotels, people have turned to Airbnb rather than continuing to pay what they perceive as inflated prices. With taxis, it’s Uber.

In the business world, it is extremely expensive to run your own office.  Even if you don’t own your own premises, but are there on a long-term lease, there are plenty of overheads that will undermine your bottom line.

There’s security, maintenance, reception staff, phone line contracts and that all-important IT support.  As a package, it can add up very quickly and that’s long before you consider the core costs of your business such as salaries, stationery or equipment.

In the serviced office environment, these headaches are taken out of your hands

Phone lines, internet connections, water rates, cleaning services, parking, tea and coffee facilities – these are all usually included.

Perhaps most crucially of all, some serviced offices offer reception staff who will take your calls and greet visitors. It can provide superb credibility for a business if people ring up and talk to a real person who is representing you.

Another advantage of the serviced office space is the ability to book private meeting rooms for interviews or consultations with clients.  Many businesses who own their own premises often struggle with this basic, yet vital, part of company work.

Best of all, if you shop around you can afford to be picky.  Does the office you are looking at offer high speed or ultra fast broadband for example? Is it in a suitable location for where your staff will commute from, or convenient for potential visitors?

Have you had a look on a site such as Trustpilot to check what current tenants think of the offices?

These are things you shouldn’t be afraid to prioritise.

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At New World Business Centre we offer all the above as part of our serviced offices and more – contact us today to find out more.  In the meantime why not check out our reviews on Trustpilot!