16.04.2018 – Improve productivity through agile working

Improve productivity through agile working

With the prevalence of technology such as cloud storage, video conferencing, smartphones and laptops, we no longer need to be tied to our office desks.  The ability to carry out tasks in a variety of locations and times, as flexibly as possible, sometimes without formal offices, is known as agile working.

With the ongoing need to do more with less, organisations are continually looking for ways to improve performance using minimal resources.

There is also a continuing reduction in the number of employees and a need to focus on new and more efficient ways of working, such as outsourcing and the implementation of agile working.



The benefits of agile working

When individuals are given greater autonomy, they feel empowered and produce better quality work.

Lancaster University’s Work Foundation predicts that 70% of UK organisations will be agile by 2020. Some of the benefits of agile working include:

  • Better work-life balance
  • Increased collaboration and creativity
  • More adaptable to client needs
  • Lower absenteeism
  • Increase in health and happiness
  • More active flexible working life.

Using external meeting and conference rooms can create local work space, provide dedicated time and space for training, strategy work or even confidential sessions such as hiring and firing.

The Agile Organisation says, “The real business benefits that successful agile working can bring focus on performance improvement in productivity, innovation and service outcomes, and for the individual more autonomy, trust and responsibility which makes working more satisfying and appealing”.

There are also benefits for organisations – with property being the second biggest cost, agile working offers opportunities to review their space requirements to better support their business through developing and implementing agile working strategies.  Being able to rent a serviced office on a flexible contract or to be able to rent a meeting or conference room by the hour or day helps start-ups and small businesses keep a close eye on their finances.


What we can do for you

It can be very expensive to run your own office with lots of overheads that can quickly add up. In the serviced office environment, these issues are taken care of including internet, phone lines, parking, cleaning services, tea and coffee facilities and reception staff.

At New World Business Centre, based between Bristol and Bath, we offer all of this and more as part of our serviced offices, so contact us today to see how we can help you and take a look at our positive reviews on Trustpilot.