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5 things to consider when hiring a Bristol meeting room

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Choosing a venue is one of the most time consuming parts of organising a meeting, conference or training session. Finding a location within your budget that has enough space for all your participants are two of the most basic things you should think about when making your decision. However if you really want to make the most of your location and ensure that your event is a success people will remember (for the right reasons), there are a few other factors you should take into account. Take a look at the tips below, then (if you’re ready!) get in touch and arrange your meeting room hire in Bristol.


  1. Location and parking

Parking for your meeting - it's rather important!
Parking for your meeting – it’s rather important!

Location is probably the most important factor you need to take into account when choosing a venue for your meeting. Make sure your location is easily accessible for all of your delegates, including those who may be travelling by train. Choosing a meeting room in the city centre may seem like the obvious choice but you may come to regret this decision when attendees show up late and frustrated after trying to hunt down one of the centre’s few parking spaces. To ensure your meeting or conference gets off to the best possible start you may want to consider a modern business centre that offers ample parking, even if this means opting for a less central location.


  1. Business friendly environment

Avoid distractions for your meeting!
Avoid distractions for your meeting!

Hotels and other multi-purpose venues are a popular choice for conferences and meetings but you cannot be sure that your event won’t be disrupted by other guests or the chaotic atmosphere of other non- professional events happening at the same time. Choosing a location that is used exclusively as a space for business, especially meetings, conferences and will help ensure your event runs smoothly and without any interruptions.


  1. Catering

Making sure your participants are comfortable, alert and engaged is crucial if you want to have an enjoyable and successful event. People may have travelled far to come to your meeting so be sure there is access to tea, coffee and snacks as they will play a major part in keeping your attendees happy.


  1. Technology

Does your meeting room have the right technology and support?
Does your meeting room have the right technology and support?

Although it is probable that most business centres or meeting rooms will offer some sort of screen and WIFI access it is vital that you do not just assume and make sure that the location has everything you will need. You may not think of it at first, but a location with wheelchair access, air conditioning and fast internet connection will make all the difference to your  experience and that of your delegates. That being said, no matter how well equipped your meeting room is, things can always go wrong. Make sure the centre you choose has a professional team who will be able to step in and help you if needed.


  1. A professional team

Look for a location with a friendly and professional team who fit your company’s image, understand all of your needs and are dedicated to making sure you and your attendees have the best possible experience. You may wish to visit the location in advance to be sure that you’ll have everything you need and that the team are well prepared for your event.