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Ready for Halloween?

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3 Team Building Halloween Activities for the Workplace.

Halloween has arrived folks! All around you’ll see decorated houses, pumpkins, witches and zombies, candies in every store, kids and adults alike in costumes! As individuals prepare for this ghostly day, how is your company preparing for it?

This ‘Holiday’ is a great opportunity for organizations to engage in team building activities. These are great to break down any departmental barriers, improve communication and foster creativity and problem solving skills.

Take a look at the most common Halloween activities for the workplace:

Halloween gathering: Companies can either provide employees with a luncheon/breakfast or they can encourage employees to participate in a themed Pot-luck lunch. The point is to spend some time together and mingle with colleagues from different departments.

Halloween decorations and costumes: Organizations can host a “Costume Contest” as well as “Decoration Contests”. Employees are strongly encouraged to work in teams to come up with the best office decorations, as well as team costumes, and prizes can be awarded to the most creative or scariest teams.

Pumpkin Carving and other office games: Pumpkin Carving has got to be one of the most common Halloween activities in the workplace because it doesn’t require that much planning and organization. Companies simply allot a specific time for employees to carve their pumpkins and award the best ones. Once again, organizations can foster team work by allowing employees to work as teams. Additionally, they can set up different rules and guidelines and even set up a specific theme for the carvings.
All of these activities are fantastic experiences that will most definitely lighten up the mood in the workplace and help create a fun atmosphere. Organizations can tailor these activities to fit their culture and they can even make a day out of them.